Workshops for Workplaces & Teams

I am right for you if you would like your team or group to:


1) Learn effective mind-set tools and strategies to reduce stress and maximise potential 


2) Improve self-awareness, mental health, emotional resilience & self-confidence


3) Discover their unique personality strengths and how to make the most of them


4) Know what positive communication skills and healthy relationships look, feel and sound like, and how to deal with conflict construtively


**The content of these sessions adhear to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines for improving mental wellbeing in the workplace**



"Cat is a talented trainer/facilitator and our students were very receptive and engaged with the workshop. Cat built a safe space for our students to explore their strengths as well as to understand how they could use these to reach their full potential and to build relationships with others. I would definitely recommend Cat and I look forward to seeing her again at the University"

– Kara Catherine Joynson, Student Projects & Development Manager, University of Chester

"We booked the one hour session on resilience with Cat. It was really informative, Cat really knew her stuff. It was delivered in a visual way that was really engaging. The outcomes could be applied to personal life as well as management stress situation in work. Everyone really loves the resilience balloon. Would highly recommend booking Cat to deliver training in your work place. Looking forward to the half day session"

– Jordan Smith, Regional Manager at HFT

"We have secured Cat's services a couple of times over the past year, once to talk about relationships and more recently to talk about the benefits of learning a new skill and on both occasions she really delivered.

Cat doesn't sit behind a PowerPoint presentation but really interacts with the audience. I would heartily recommend her"

– Alan Morahan, Company Director and Chief Commercial Officer at Punter Southall Aspire

"Cat's delivery of her FIERY workshop to our Vistage group couldn't have come at a better time for me. I was about to embark on some difficult conversations with my board and the insights she was able to supply were incredibly useful in mentally preparing myself for what lay ahead"

– Zoe Farrington, Commercial Director, Chemtech Environmental Ltd

Evey manager should attend this seminar

– North Wales Fire & Rescue Service - HR Department

Cat Williams calm and reassuring style is perfectly suited to conveying the benefits of resilience. She held the attention of our audience of professional services practitioners with a quiet, empowering approach. After all the planning and implementation phase of business development projects it can be quite unnerving waiting for the expected results to happen. Demonstrating resilience gets you through those critical points when the temptation is to jump ship or take your eye off the ball.

– Paul Kalinauckas, Chief Executive, BCRS Business Loans

It was such a tremendous gift of yourself that you gave us today. We all really enjoyed the session and I think everybody got a lot out of it. I thought your delivery was very clever and I really look forward to reading your book.

– Catherine Wantling, Director

Cat Williams’ webinar was stand-out both in terms of content and presentation. I often find my attention wandering to my Inbox during online presentations, but that was certainly not the case with Cat’s talk.

– Julia Busby, Senior Legal Counsel Trading & Supply, Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited

Each of Cat's speeches, workshops or presentations include combinations of:

  • practical, straight-forward, tried and tested research-based that can be applied instantly


  • real-life examples & story-telling


  • audience interaction and participation; questions and comments are always encouraged


  • props, metaphors & analogies to make complex ideas understandable and accessible to all audiences


  • handouts can be provided for further discussion, revision or reflection

My presentations and workshops are built around 4 main themes:



1) Strengths Psychology & Mind-Set knowing what energises us and discovering our innate personality strengths has a proven impact on self-esteem, motivation, and self-confidence.  This session also teaches how to use the power of our minds to get what we want, in particular to feel calmer, happier and more confident.


2) The Resilience Hot Air Balloon – the metaphor of a hot air balloon guides us through 9 steps to minimising stress and maximising self-awareness & resilience.   The flame, basket, strings, ropes and balloon itself represent effective and positive coping strategies for mental health and well-being


3) Relationships – Anti-bullying & anti-abuse – this presentation explains what healthy happy friendships and relationships look and feel like, as well as what can cause us to behave negatively or in ways we might regret. Also covered is how we can recognise what’s okay and not okay and what to do about it.


4) Communication, Conflict & ‘FIERY situations’ – this presentation teaches the 5 aspects of healthy relationships and communication, how to bring out the best in ourselves and each other andhow to deal with difficult situations or challenging conversations.