Presentations, speeches and workshops for schools


I am the right speaker for you if you would like you pupils, staff or parents to:

  • Learn effective mind-set tools and strategies to reduce stress and increase confidence, self-esteem and maximise potential


  • Know how to maintain or improve mental health, emotional resilience, & well-being


  • Discover their unique personality strengths and how to make the most of them e.g. for test / exam confidence


  • Understand the root-cause of bullying, abusive or sexualised language or behaviour and know how to deal with it, avoid or reduce it.


  • Know what positive communication and a healthy relationship looks, feels and sounds like.
(**The content of these sessions adhere to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) and Ofsted guidelines for provision of social, mental and emotional well-being education)


Bishop Heber School, Malpas
Skinners Academy, Kent
TEDx Holyhead
Headington School, Oxford
Darland High School, Rossett
Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe

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Cat is a TEDx and award-winning speaker as well as a Rapid Transformational® Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author, Relationship Therapist and Strengths Psychology coach specialising in children and young people.


Each presentation or workshop is tailor-made and will include as much as possible of the following: real-life scenarios, storytelling, practical strategies, exercises, props, metaphors, visual aids, hand-outs, active games, educational drama, audience participation and discussion. Questions are welcomed and encouraged throughout.
I build my presentations around 4 main topics:
1) Strengths Psychology & Mind-Set – knowing what energises us and discovering our innate personality strengths has a proven impact on self-esteem, motivation and self-confidence.
This presentation also teaches how to use the power of our minds to get what we want, in particular to feel calmer, happier and mo confident.
2) The Resilience Hot Air Balloon – the metaphor of a hot air balloon guides us through 9 steps to minimising stress and maximise self-awareness & resilience. The flame, basket, strings, ropes and balloon itself represent effective and positive coping strategies for mental health & well-being.
3) Anti-bullying & anti-abuse – this presentation explains what healthy happy friendships and relationships look and feel like as well as what can cause us to behave negatively or in ways we might regret. Also covered is how we can recognise what’s okay and not okay and what to do about it.
4) ‘FIERY situations’ – this presentation teaches the 5 aspects of healthy relationships and communication, how to bring out the best in ourselves and each other and how to deal with difficult situations or challenging conversations.
Cat was recorded for ‘Head Talks’, a nationwide project which interviews celebrities and experts about mental health. See her in action here.

Click here to view her TEDx talk on emotional resilience and her unique ‘Toilet Seat Therapy’ approach.