Welcome to my sessions for individuals or couples. 

What you will experience with me is a welcoming, safe and supportive place to be yourself without judgment or prejudice.

I work face to face from my home-based practice in-between Wrexham and Chester in the UK (LL139JF) and via zoom with clients all over the world.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) reaches the root-cause of issues quickly by uncovering the meaning and interpretation of events in your life, drawing out ‘unfinished business’ and eliminating subconscious blocks and unhelpful beliefs formed during childhood or as a result of negative or challenging experiences.

Rapid Transformational Therapy combines the techniques and principles of hypnosis, CBT, psychotherapy, psychology, healing and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Issues I can help with include:

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Panic Attacks, Intrusive Thoughts, Sleep Issues, Imposter Syndrome, Shame, Grief & Loss, Lack of self-confidence, Lack of self-esteem, Lack of self-worth, Fears and Phobias, , OCD, Negative patterns of behaviour, Pain and Physical Illness, Bereavement, Low self-image, Eating habits and Weight loss, Body dysmorphia, Fear of Exams, Interviews and Public speaking, Relationships & Divorce etc.

My YouTube channel has short (3 minute) videos to introduce myself and my Rapid Transformational packages; I also post videos about mental health, stress-reduction, resilience, well-being, self-belief, self-confidence, and relationships on my Instagram account @catstaycalm.

Please see my client reviews below.

Testimonials from Recent clients

How much does it cost? How long does it last?

My Rapid Transformational packages are designed to be as cost and time effective as possible, payment options are available. 

Package prices begin at £197, please get in touch for current prices.

A Rapid Transformational package (for adults) includes:

  1. A free, no obligation 20 minute call to tell me about you, what you are looking for, and to ask any questions.
  2. A detailed Intake Form to complete to provide me with as much background information as possible and describe the outcome and future that you would like.
  3. A personality strengths assessment to work through in order to identify your unique personality strengths and qualities
  4. A pre-session self-hypnosis relaxation recording to help prepare for your session.
  5. 2 hour Rapid Transformational session
  6. A personal self-hypnosis recording to listen to for at least 21 days in order to permanently install the hypnotic shifts and new empowering beliefs.
  7.  A 60-minute follow up session.

I offer adapted packages for children, teenagers and couples.

Please get in touch for more information, with no obligation.